Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

The last time I was truly moved to tears was the day my sister gave birth to my niece.  My sister is my best friend in the entire world and that day was so special for two reasons.  First, my sister, who still looks 13 to me and like we should be playing outside and giggling with our mom, became a mother.  It was magical.  It symbolized a new chapter in our lives and the true beginning of us being grown ups.  She did wonderfully through her whole pregnancy and the birth of my absolutely perfect niece.  She was a real woman, strong and beautiful and it moved me.  That day made me look up to her even more than I already did.

Second was seeing my niece in her first moments in the world.  It was amazing.  The memory is shrouded in an ethereal haze in my mind.  The first time I held her lots of people were in the room so I couldn’t truly burst into tears of joy like I wanted to but they were right behind my eyes waiting to spring forth.  Being there with a new human, a totally clean slate, that I will get to watch grow was awe-inspiring.  I’ve never felt anything like it and I don’t know that I will again anytime soon.  My niece was beautiful from the first moment and I was truly moved to tears on the day of her birth.


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