Daily Prompt: Never Again

I figure in between my photo stories I can post my musings as well, just to give people a real picture of who I am.  I am following the Daily Post which gives the Daily Prompt and today it was “never again.”

I’m not much of a thrill seeker, most of the world would frown upon that but I like things in my life to be orderly and predictable, which is weird because I am a messy person.  Recently though I went to Water Country USA in Virginia with my husband and we tried out their very scary water slide, actually it was a tube, called Vanish Point.  You get in the tube standing up!  They close you in and there’s a heart beat in your ear.  They start counting down, you’re thinking to yourself “I gotta get out of here” and then …three, two, one….the floor vanishes from beneath you and you’re gone, nearly straight down at first. The water rushes up your nose, your bathing suit rushes up other places from the force of how fast you’re going…it is a scary scary ride and you are disoriented from just the drop but still have to deal with the rest of the tube.  When you get to the bottom you’re just thanking the Lord it’s over. As I walked away from this slide I thought to myself never again.  That particular ride should be labeled for thrill seekers only, yikes!!

Check out this link to read more responses to today’s prompt.


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